mayo 10, 2005

X3 - un par de noticias acerca de X-Men 3!!

Rhys-MeyersJonathan Rhys-Meyers esta haciendo el casting para formar parte de esta pelicula como Gambito, al final de la nota dice que es posible que Gambito aparezca solo si este chavo firma, y llevaria a cabo un papel mas grande e importante en X-Men 4 :D

Elvis Actor to Play Gambit in X3?
Internet talk has Irish newcomer cameo-ing as the Cajun mutant in X-Men 3.

There's talk that Jonathan Rhys-Meyers (TV's Elvis) is being cast as Gambit in the upcoming X-Men 3.

It's reported that X3 director Matthew Vaughn has been interviewing actors for the role of the Cajun mutant with a penchant for gambling and womanizing.

Earlier reports said the role of Gambit would be a brief cameo only so if Rhys-Meyers signs on, it may be for a larger role in X-Men 4.

Vinnie Jones confirms he will play the Juggernaut in X3 and apparently David Anders will not play Angel.
IGN FilmForce recently checked with its X3 insider about the report Anders would be playing Angel. The same insider correctly advised them that Angel was going to be a male in the movie (early rumors had Angel being female).

Their trusted source advised them that there is "no truth" to the Anders report and that the role of Angel remains uncast.

In other news, actor Vinnie Jones confirmed to Leeds United website that he has indeed joined the cast of the third X-Men film.

"My football connections are well over now, I'm cracking on with filming and have just landed a few roles. I have X-Men 3 to film and that will take six months or so, so I think I might be a bit busy.""

The official site of Vinnie Jones also supported this by saying "Vinnie is going to film X Men 3 in America in August, and 4 & 5 if they make them. He plays the character Juggernaut."