mayo 10, 2005

'Those who think we are out of it do not know us' - Michael Schumacher

Ferrari'Those who think we are out of it do not know us'
Says Michael Schumacher

The result was a headline writer's dream: Schumacher and Ferrari left deflated, or something along those lines. The result could have given Michael a hangover but the surprising thing (or perhaps not too surprising) is that he is far from feeling gloomy a day after his retirement from the Spanish GP.

Instead Michael wanted to again thank all those behind the scenes. "Those who consider us to be out of the running do not know us," he declared. "Of course it wasn't the greatest result in the race for the title; that is clear enough. Despite this, the season's opening races have proved just how much can change during a single weekend and how quickly they can change. So, I'll say it once more: the season is a long one and lots could still happen. Obviously the title challenge has got harder but all is not yet lost. We will go on working and battling. As I said yesterday, it is far from over."

Rubens will be back out testing as early as tomorrow (Tuesday). Michael will be behind the wheel at Maranello on Wednesday and Thursday. "We will not be swayed by all the worry. We will work calmly on our weak points and we will get back to being competitive as soon as we can."

Source Ferrari Press



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