mayo 09, 2005

Site offers online Linux desktop

TuxSite offers online Linux desktop
For Winders users

By INQUIRER staff: Lunes 09 Mayo 2005, 11:36

AN OPEN SOURCE demonstration centre which allows free testing of the Linux OS has been put online by the Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation.
The site has already been available for German speakers, but is now there for play by English speaking folk too.

The firm said that it gives users a sense of the most common and so cheap they are free open source programs.

Fly over here and it lets you test, for example, the Linux desktop.

When you run a .EXE file from that site, it opens a KDE window in a separate browser screen. It only works if you're running Windows, but if you're running Linux, you wouldn't need to try it out, would you? Perhaps the Vole should offer a similar scheme for entrenched Linux users. [Maybe not, Ed.]

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asi es, segun ahora se puede probar linux desde una ventana en tu navegador utilizando Windows... amzing, huh?, digo segun pq el pop que lanza logra hacer la conexion, como quiera seguire intentando