mayo 11, 2005

Listening to iPODs can make you deaf

Listening to iPODs can make you deaf"

Young at risk on trains

By our Health Correspondent: Miércoles 11 Mayo 2005, 14:10

LISTENING TO iPODs and other players could make people deaf especially if you are young and on a train The Evening Standard, a London newspaper, reported today .
Saying that the problem is acute for commuters who have to pump up the volume on trains the paper quoted Andrew Reid, head of audiology at the Royal United Hospital in Bristrol (a town in the UK) who said: "This is a big problem for young people. If you are on a Tube (the London Underground), you have to turn the player up to dangerous levels just to hear it. Over time, this is going to lead to problems like tinnitus and severe damage to the inner ear."

Increased usage thanks to extended battery life and huge storage capabilities are cited as reasons for increased risks.

The UK’s Royal National Institute for the Deaf launched a web site ( to warn people about prolonged exposure to loud music from personal music players.