mayo 10, 2005

iTunes Music Store Sells Videos

iTunes Music Store Sells Videos

With the recent release of iTunes 4.8 and its ability to manage and play videos, several users are discovering that iTunes is now selling videos through the online store. One example is the 'Feel Good Inc.' single used in the recent rollerskating iPod ad. The videos are provided in DRM-less .mp4 format encoded in 3ivx D4 4.5 and are available with purchase of the album."


Apple adds video support to iTunes

And a security fix

By Wil Harris: Martes 10 Mayo 2005, 10:18

APPLE HAS released a new update to its iTunes software this morning, which adds video support to the application.
The new version 4.8 also includes a security fix to patch up a vulnerability relating to MPEG4 file buffer overflows.

The video functionality appears to be another step in the growing integration of iTunes and Quicktime. The iTunes music store now offers videos and movie trailers for free viewing, in much the same vein as the QuickTime homepage. Some paid-for song downloads also come with a free video accompaniment.