mayo 08, 2005

Update: Quake 4

una entrevista con los encargados @ Raves soft, Eric Biessman, el encargado de el arte lead Kevin Long y Tim Willits, quien es diseñador en Id software...

"Sal "Sluggo" Accardo, GameSpy: In terms of overall theme, what kind of visual style can we expect out of Quake 4? Are you trying to build something reminiscient of Quake 2, or taking things in a new direction?

Kevin Long: I'm a really big fan of Quake 2, having played it about a hundred times, so we tried to invoke some of the feeling of Quake 2 in the creatures, weapons, textures, models, etc. The gladiator is still in the game, but we updated the designs to really access the strengths of the engine. We tried to evoke that feeling of Quake 2, but at the same time it's been updated quite a bit.
Sluggo: Quake 2 was a good mixture of indoor and outdoor areas, and pretty well lit most of the time. Will Quake 4 will be somewhat similar, or are you looking to play up the DOOM 3 engine with its lighting and shadows and keep things a little bit darker?
Kevin Long: I think we have a lot of diversity throughout the entire game. We have some dark areas, and we have outdoor areas that are brighter. I think how diverse everything is will really go a long way. We didn't really set out saying, "This game is going to be dark, this game is going to be light" -- we set out to make a cohesive environment where you go through different extremes and you'll see a bunch of different stuff.
Tim Willits: One of the design objectives was to vary up the gameplay environments as much as possible. I think players will appreciate that -- there's never a dull moment when you're playing Quake 4. "

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