mayo 06, 2005

Testing times as Alonso attacks Ferrari tactics

Testing times as Alonso attacks Ferrari tacticsAlonsoALASTAIR MOFFITT

WORLD championship leader Fernando Alonso claims Ferrari are not playing fair this season. Alonso goes into this weekend's Spanish Grand Prix leading the title race by 18 points, but facing an increased threat from the reigning champion, Michael Schumacher.

Alonso, of Renault, has won the last three races prior to his home grand prix in Barcelona but has hit out at Ferrari for disregarding a gentleman's agreement on testing.

Alonso just held off Schumacher at Imola, despite the German's superior pace, which came as a result of massive testing from Ferrari. The Italian team have shunned an agreement to limit testing this season, prompting fierce criticism from their rivals who accepted a 30-day restriction.

Alonso feels Ferrari's recent resurgence has a hollow ring to it. He said: "I think we have all said Ferrari are testing more than the others, we all know and this is very surprising. I think we all know that all the teams agreed to do limited days of testing and there is only one that has many more.

"They are allowed to because anyone can do what they want, but I think it is against the spirit of the sport of F1 and against the future of all of us. It is not fair play."

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