junio 06, 2005

McLaren ready for demanding Gilles Villeneuve Circuit

McLaren ready for demanding Gilles Villeneuve Circuit
Canadian GP - McLaren Mercedes - Preview

The Canadian Grand Prix is the first race of the 2005 Formula One season's North American double header, taking place at the Gilles Villeneuve Circuit, on the Ile Notre Dame on the St Lawrence river close to downtown Montreal.

After dominating the European Grand Prix and winning at Monaco and Barcelona, Kimi Raikkonen will be looking forward to another strong performance in Canada. Juan Pablo Montoya, who is one of only two drivers to score points in all of the last three races, will also be aiming for a good result at the Gilles Villeneuve Circuit.

Kimi Raikkonen
"The Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is one of the fastest tracks we race on, with speeds reaching 320km/h on the back straight. This of course means there are big braking zones, and as a result we will run with larger brake ducts than normal, and have a set-up that gives us good stability under braking. If you were looking to compare it to another track, the Canadian circuit would be most similar to Imola, and, despite the end result, the MP4-20 was suited to its characteristics, so hopefully we will run well this weekend. However, I will be out pretty early for Qualifying on Saturday, which will be a disadvantage as the track is always really dirty."

Juan Pablo Montoya
"I always enjoy the Canadian Grand Prix, the atmosphere is really lively and the fans are so enthusiastic, so it is great fun. The track itself demands high speed grip, whilst running a low downforce set-up. This in particular means that the car has a feeling of being lighter, you feel like you are on the limit with it the whole time. Because the Armco are very tight and you have the high speeds, this means you have to be very precise, as with Monaco. The set-up of the car also needs to give good traction out of the slow corners. There are also good overtaking opportunities, for example going into the hairpin, so hopefully we can have another exciting race for the fans."

Pedro de la Rosa
"As the Montreal circuit has been re-asphalted, the new asphalt characteristics are unknown for everyone. We will do as much work as we can during the two Friday sessions to understand how this will affect temperatures and wear on our Michelin tyres."

Martin Whitmarsh, CEO Formula One, Team McLaren Mercedes
"We had a productive session at Silverstone last week, completing set-up and tyre work for Montreal, alongside pre-British Grand Prix programmes with Michelin. The Canadian Grand Prix is very demanding in nature and is renowned as a race of attrition. It sees extremes of acceleration and braking and as a result engines and brakes are key for this weekend. We will be fully loading the brakes a lot and therefore cooling is of prime importance and we completed some positive work in this area at the recent tests. "

Norbert Haug, Vice President, Mercedes-Benz Motorsport
"Everybody in our team is looking forward to the upcoming two races within eight days in Canada and the USA. In the last three races Kimi led 192 of a possible 203 laps. We should have won the last one - no doubt - but the potential to do better is there. The Circuit Gilles Villeneuve at Montreal features a fast layout, which allows top speeds of more than 300 km/h. More than 65 per cent of a lap is run under full throttle. The combination of long straights, tight chicanes and hairpins is very demanding on the brakes."


es casi obvio que Mclaren dara un buen papel en esta piesta de nuevo, en toda Europa lo hizo, el carro se vio sumamente superior a los demas, lamentablemente Kimi ha tenido muchos problemas con su coche, alguien le echo la sal, y la rapidez de el circuito de Canada esta de lado de Mclaren, es dificil adelantar y por lo tanto un buen puesto en la grilla es muy importante, si las fallas tecnicas no aparecen esta carrera sera de Mclaren y de Kimi ;).

si todo sale bien, correre esta carrera, mi 1a en linea, en unos minutos!!

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