abril 20, 2006

Opera 9 Beta - make the jump!

Opera 9 BetaOpera 9 Beta includes Widgets, content blocker and BitTorrent.
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Widgets, BitTorrent, content blocking: Introducing Opera 9 Beta
Oslo, Norway - April 20, 2006

Opera Software today announced the first public Beta of Opera 9. This version includes Widgets, small Web programs running in their own windows that are fun, easy-to-use and live on users' desktops. The Opera 9 Beta also features support for BitTorrent, a popular file downloading technology, in addition to an easy-to-use content blocker and thumbnail previews of tabbed sites.

And yes, Opera remains available free of charge.

"We're proud to release this Beta of Opera 9 to Web users around the world," said Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software. "Opera 9 brings powerful new features to enhance the Web browsing experience and empower Web 2.0 developers. Opera 9 unlocks new levels of productivity for the Internet ecosystem."
New features in Opera 9 include

New features in Opera 9 include

  • Widgets - Small Web applications (multimedia, newsfeeds, games and more) that make your desktop experience more fun. Any Web developer can create their own Widgets and share them, regardless of operating system. Try the Widgets in Opera 9 by pressing F6. Look for further development of Opera Widgets in future releases.

  • BitTorrent - Instead of having to use a separate BitTorrent application for downloading large files, users can now simply click a torrent file and start the download

  • Content blocker - Choose the content you want to view. Remove ads or images - it is up to you. Right-click on the Web page and choose "Block content"

  • Improved rich text editing - Take advantage of rich text editing capabilities when using the latest Web mail or blogging services

  • Customize your search engines - Use your favorite search engine in the search box. Right-click on the site's search field and select "Create search" from the menu

  • Thumbnail preview - It's easy to have many tabs open at once in Opera. But exactly which tab had that video you wanted? Hover any tab to see a thumbnail preview

  • Site-specific preferences - Do you need to view a site in a different way or deny certain cookies? Want to block pop-ups on certain sites only? Site specific preferences hold the key

Download Opera 9 Beta


me he ausentado unos dias ya que me he enfermado, otra vez, de gripe, mi talón de Aquiles, hablaré de mi vida pronto, solo que vine rápido a checar unas cosas y me encontre con esta noticia y le daré la promoción que merece, nos vemos luego, cuando me alivie ^_^.

PD #1: El instalador "Opera 9 Beta Eng Setup.exe" me causó problemas, me afectó parte de mi previa instalación, no me borro nada, excepto mi acceso directo en el escritorio pero no podía ejecutarlo, todo esto se arregló con el otro instalador, el "Opera 9 Beta Classic Setup.exe", tal vez haya incompatibilidad con los instaladores pq instalé las versiones Pre-beta 9 con el clásico, eso se arregló, pero demas problemas que me aquejan en Opera 9 no han sido resueltos :S, más info luego.