abril 17, 2006

myspace.com's a mess

interesantes datos, aunq en realidad no se que tiene de especial o única esa página pero pss, lo pongo por que me dio mucha risa lo que esta en negrita

"Anyone who works in marketing who hasn't visited myspace.com is already out of touch with the youth sector. And once you have visited, you may start by wondering what on earth it is, and why it has been so successful.

To illustrate the scale of its success, myspace.com has 50m registered users, 270,000 members recently signed up on one day and it may soon be the highest-traffic site on the web. Rupert Murdoch was reported to have paid $580m for the site. At the time, many people thought he was mad; now it would seem that he snared a bargain. Myspace.com is a youth club, scrapbook, disco, live music venue, bus shelter and bedroom all rolled into one. People post their own pictures, posters, comments, diaries and thoughts, sharing them with everyone else on the internet. Like a teenager's bedroom, the site is a mess from a design point of view. Individuals do their own layout, choose their..."

totalmente de acuerdo, yo solo me registré ahí por la Polish girl :P ^_^, a la cual por cierto hace mucho que no le escribo :S, pronto lo haré ;).