junio 21, 2006

Thom Yorke habla de "The Eraser"

"Yorke has spent his career blurring the boundaries between reason and instinct, mind and body, order and chaos."

"Dealing with computers gave him new ways of seeing how much chaos can be maintained within a situation in which precision and perfection seem so readily available."

He often cut and pasted samples at random, not looking at the screen, then combed through the results to see what chance and the rhythm of the process had put down. The tricky thing, he said, wasn't making the sounds, but recognizing which of them were right.

"I knew basically where I wanted to end up. It's like Nigel says: If you have an idea when you start, it's a lark. If you don't, it's a nightmare. ..."

The album inevitably shows its computer origins, The Eraser as a whole is recognizably related to the Radiohead catalogue, especially in its surface beauty and underlying sense of unease.


Ya quiero el cd!! en original.... shalalala